Top Ten Racists

Top 10 Black Racists
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Top 10 Black Racists In America today there is nothing worse than being called a racist. You can’t easily defend yourself against the life-changing, sometimes career-ending smear which evildoers can wield with impunity.
“There is nothing worse for your career,”  New York State Assemblyman Kieran Lalor (R), said on Fox and Friends, “there’s nothing worse for you as a person. A lot ofpeople don’t want to speak up because they’re going to be accused of being a racist.”
Yet outrageous, even genocidal, statements are issued every day now by hate-filled black supremacists and their radical allies. In a case of deviancy having been defined down, these antisocial, anti-white sentiments are accepted by the media as normal, even admirable.
Some black racists today have become rich and famous by vilifying white people and the American system, claiming blacks are systematically persecuted and discriminated against – despite federal laws which make this illegal – and asserting that there is an invisible conspiracy of white supremacists preventing black people from becoming successful. Anti-white racism is often expressed in matter-of-fact terms, largely unchallenged by the gatekeepers of our culture, including by self-styled conservatives. Black racists routinely say things and engage in race-baiting that would typically land whites in hot water.
Here is FrontPage’s Top 10 List:
1. Ta-Nehisi Coates
Bestselling author Ta-Nehisi Coates <> is America’s most pampered racist and foremost producer of victimology porn.
This James Baldwin wannabe, the toast of bicoastal elites and academics, talks about “black bodies” as sacred objects worthy of veneration. His fetishistic phraseology is now standard among members of the violent, racist Black Lives Matter movement, and has spread to the culture at large.
His National Book Award-winning memoir, /Between the World and Me/, is a wealth of “pseudo-Marxist legalisms” observes Daniel Greenfield, “in which ‘black bodies’ are the engines of commerce and culture on which a vast evil white conspiracy squats. The book is “a racist screed that masks its hatred in self-pity.”
In his book Coates writes that the police officers and firefighters who died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks “were not human to me. Black, white, or whatever, they were menaces of nature; they were the fire, the comet, the storm, which could — with no justification — shatter my body.”
He demands that U.S. taxpayers who were never slaveowners and whose ancestors gave their lives to end slavery pay reparations to the second- and third- and fourth-generation descendants of slaves who were never slaves themselves. He’d prefer that laws not be enforced against African-Americans to avoid the alleged horrors of so-called racial profiling. He dismisses the threat posed by Islamists as irrelevant, claiming America has no right to judge terrorists “in a country built on theft, blood and slavery.” In other words, because whites are a majority, America today is worse than the savages who attacked us on 9/11.
Coates has been richly rewarded for his racist, anti-American screeds. He is the recipient of a $600,000 genius award, an editorial position at the /Atlantic/, and a lectureship at MIT even though he never graduated from college. As Greenfield notes, “His only struggle is deciding which frustration with a taxi, waiter or butler to turn into a column about racism this week.”
In a particularly lazy essay last year in the /Atlantic/, claiming <> that President Trump was a loathsome racist, the only evidence he offered was that Trump was white:
It is insufficient to state the obvious of Donald Trump: that he is a white man who would not be president were it not for this fact. With one immediate exception, Trump’s predecessors made their way to high office through the passive power of whiteness—that bloody heirloom which cannot ensure mastery of all events but can conjure a tailwind for most of them. Land theft and human plunder cleared the grounds for Trump’s forefathers and barred others from it.
Coates rejects the claim that Trump lacks an ideology. “[H]is ideology is white supremacy, in all its truculent and sanctimonious power.” Truculent, sanctimonious, black supremacist – all seem apt descriptions of the author of these words.
2. Jamelle Bouie
The race-obsessed Jamelle Bouie, Slate’s “chief political correspondent,” is an expert at finding racism where it does not exist. Hours after the Route 91 Harvest music festival massacre in Nevada on Oct. 1, 2017, that left 58 dead and close to 900 injured, he tweeted <>, “That Las Vegas authorities have ruled out terrorism at this early stage is another example of how the idea has all but been racialized.” Then he elaborated, tweeting, “Essentially, by the definition currently in common currency, a white person cannot be a terrorist.” Timothy McVeigh anyone?
“There’s No Such Thing as a Good Trump Voter,” Bouie wrote in a column <> Nov. 15, 2016: “People voted for a racist who promised racist outcomes. They don’t deserve your empathy.” In other words, if you’re white or voted for Trump, you deserve anything that comes at you.
Bouie claims Trump is racist for cracking down on the transnational gang MS-13. The president’s speeches on MS-13 and illegal aliens employ words to “make white people afraid.”
“Trump wasn’t just connecting immigrants with violent crime,” Bouie said. “He was using an outright racist trope: that of the violent, sadistic black or brown criminal, preying on innocent (usually white) women.” Of course MS-13 preys almost exclusively on immigrants who are brown. So not only is this a lie but a racist lie against the brown victims of MS-13 mayhem.
3. DeRay Mckesson
A high-profile Black Lives Matter leader, DeRay Mckesson, who regularly praises blacks who have murdered white police officers has been given teaching sinecures at Yale and the University of Chicago.
On March 31, 2015, he tweeted <>, “We watched an officer kill an unarmed Eric Garner on video. Don’t try to convince me that the justice system is just. Free Assata & Mumia.” First the lie: Garner was a morbidly obese illegal cigarette seller in Staten Island, N.Y., who died July 17, 2014, when his disease-weakened body gave out as he resisted arrest.
As for McKesson’s racist praise for the cold-blooded killers: Black Liberation Army operative Assata Shakur is the former Joanne Chesimard. She was found guilty in 1977 of first-degree murder in the 1973 execution-style killing of New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster. Leftist folk hero Mumia Abu-Jamal, born Wesley Cook, was convicted in 1982 of murdering Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner the year before, also execution-style.
Mckesson has even denounced <> the /Planet of the Apes/ science fiction movie franchise as racist. This was so off the wall, that Whoopi Goldberg scolded him publicly. He had suggested a poster for last year’s /War for the Planet of the Apes/ installment was racially coded because one of the ape characters was wearing a blue vest. Mckesson, is well known for wearing a trademark blue vest. Talk about narcissism!
“DeRay, you need to go back and watch the 1968 original and check out what the apes were wearing,” Goldberg said. “This has nothing to do with you. This is a movie about what happens when mankind doesn’t pay attention to environment, to how we treat animals and each other. … Get over yourself.”
4. Alicia Garza
Alicia Garza <> is one of the three co-founders of Black Lives Matter, the movement that began as an online platform created to foment black rage, and developed into a lynch mob whose targets were police. In 2016, /Fortune/ magazine put Garza and her two comrades on its list of “50 of the most influential world leaders.”
BLM began in response to the 2013 acquittal of George Zimmerman, the allegedly “white Hispanic” who was acquitted of murder after he used deadly force to defend himself from 17-year-old black youth Trayvon Martin. Garza said BLM is “an ideological and political intervention in a world where Black lives are systematically and intentionally targeted for demise” and where blacks face “deadly oppression” and “extrajudicial killings” of blacks are frighteningly common – preposterous claims all.
Like DeRay Mckesson, Garza is an admirer of convicted cop-killer Assata Shakur, the revolutionary Marxist and former Black Panther.
Black Lives Matter, according to Garza, is “a tactic to (re)build the Black liberation movement” in the face of “white supremacy” and “state violence” that have deprived blacks “of [their] basic human rights and dignity.”
Blacks, she claims, “are uniquely, systematically, and savagely targeted by the state,” and this has led to black poverty, “genocide,” and mass incarceration. This is lunatic garbage, and racist.
5. Tamika Mallory
Women’s March national co-chairwoman Tamika Mallory refuses to apologize for working for the racial arsonist Al Sharpton. She has also bashed Israel as a country that “takes the lives of people who were there first,” which demonstrates how ignorant of the region’s history she is, in particular how Israel was created on land that belonged to the Turks, who are not Arabs or “Palestinians,” for 400 years previously. A more accurate statement would have been that Israel kills Palestinian terrorists who target women and children because they are Jews, and who have rejected a state of their own over and over in favor of continuing their terrorist aggression.
Mallory is a fan of Louis Farrakhan and the virulently racist, homophobic, anti-American and anti-Semitic Nation of Islam. Mallory attended <> the Nation’s annual “Saviour’s Day” event in February at which Farrakhan called Jews “the mother and father of apartheid” and accused Jews of chemically inducing homosexuality in black males through marijuana. Farrakhan also spoke of the “Satanic Jew” liable for Hollywood’s “filth and degenerate behavior” that is “turning men into women and women into men.”
When her participation in this disgusting event was criticized, she bristled: “There were people speaking to me as if I was anything other than my mother’s child—it was very vile, the language that was being used, the way I was called an anti-Semite,” Mallory said. “I think that my value to the work I do is that I can go into many spaces as it relates to dealing with the complexity of the black experience in America. It takes a lot of different types of people to help us with our struggle.” Especially, Jew haters, homophobes, black supremacists, and anti-transgender bigots.

6. Colin Kaepernick
Colin Kaepernick, who launched a high-profile protest movement within the NFL, may now be unemployed and off-the-radar for many Americans, but he’s still able to generate media attention. His anti-American activism, best exemplified by the taking of a knee during the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner” before football games, helped to alienate fans and accelerate the NFL’s downward slide that was already in progress.
Like DeRay Mckesson and Alicia Garza, Kaepernick is a supporter of convicted cop killer Assata Shakur who broke out of prison in 1979 and fled to Communist Cuba where she still resides.
Kaepernick acknowledged raising $20,000 for Chicago-based Assata’s Daughters in matching donations, on top of the $25,000 he personally gave the group previously, the /Washington Times <>/ reported in February. The $20,000 in pledged donations comes from comedian Hannibal Buress and actress Yara Shahidi. On its website Assata’s Daughters claims it “carries on the tradition of radical liberatory activism encompassed by Assata Shakur.”
Kaepernick uses his Twitter feed largely for retweeting tweets he agrees with. On July 4 he retweeted @haymarketbooks which tweeted this quotation from Assata Shakur: “Nobody in history has gotten their freedom by appealing to the moral sense of the people oppressing them.” Kaepernick is worth $119 million and has access to any microphone he wants. His oppression consists of NFL owners not thinking that his quarterback skills exceed his nuisance liability.
7. Joy-Ann Reid
Like Ta-Nehisi Coates, MSNBC on-air personality Joy-Ann Reid is not preoccupied with providing evidence of the claims of racism she habitually hurls at white Americans. The former Obama campaign press aide characterizes conservatives <> as naturally racist, sexist, and oblivious to the needs of minorities and the poor. The fact that the unemployment rates for blacks and the poor thanks to Trump are lower than at any time in history doesn’t reach her radar screen.
But old blog posts by Reid <> from before she became famous revealed the broadcaster’s  bigotry as she sided with a genocidal regime dedicated to exterminating Jews, and embraced their proposed ethnic cleansing from Israel.
As Bre Payton reported at the Federalist:
In a post from The Reid Report dated December 5, 2005, Reid said that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, then-president of Iran, was really onto something when he suggested that the “Zionist regime” of Israel should just relocate to Europe.“God is not a real estate broker,” the blogpost reads. “He can’t just give you land 1,000 years ago that you can come back and claim today.”
In a July 16, 2006 post, Reid attacked <> CNN’s Wolf Blitzer for being excessively nice and understanding to Jews. Reid identified Blitzer, whose Jewish parents survived the Auschwitz death camp in Nazi-occupied Poland, as a “former flak for the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC),” after he was, in her opinion, insufficiently tough on Israeli officials during an interview.“He doesn’t even try to hide his affinity for his Israeli guests, or his partisanship for their cause, while turning instantly to prosecutorial mode when questioning any guest who has the dumb luck to be an Arab or Muslim in King Blitzer’s court,” Reid wrote. “It’s actually quite stunning how brazen Blitzer’s bias has become.”Of course, the canard that Jews are untrustworthy because they have “dual loyalty,” or more precisely, a higher, overriding loyalty to their fellow Jews –or, since 1948, to Israel—has been a popular anti-Semitic smear since Roman times.
8. Marc Lamont Hill
Marc Lamont Hill, who is currently “Steve Charles Professor of Media, Cities, and Solutions” at Temple University, has been espousing anti-white racism for as long as he has been a public figure. A Fox News contributor from 2007 to 2009, in 2012 he became host of “HuffPost Live.”
After the 9/11 attacks, Hill publicly agreed <> with disgraced former academic Ward Churchill’s statement that the providers of financial services who perished in the Twin Towers were “little Eichmanns” who got what they deserved. Churchill, Hill said, made “a valid point” that “we have to defend.” The dead on Wall Street were “advancing an American global financial empire without any thinking about it.”
Hill is a longtime death row groupie who romanticizes black cop-killers. He admires black separatist and racist Khalid Abdul Muhammad (who died in 2001), who advocated pushing white people in wheelchairs off cliffs, as well as Assata Shakur and Mumia Abu-Jamal, both of whom were convicted of murdering white policemen.
Hill co-authored /The Classroom and the Cell: Conversations on Black Life in America/ (Third World Press, 2012) with “Mumia,” as left-wingers affectionately call him. The book is essentially a transcript of a mutual admiration society, as the two radicals trade compliments and insights about how rotten America is. Hill tells Mumia that “you’re in prison but somehow still free, while I’m out here feeling profoundly un-free.”
Evidently this highly successful black man with his Ivy League Ph.D. claims he feels oppressed by American society. “But to some degree, I feel un-free because I’m still encumbered by the very things that I’m critiquing in my work: consumerism, patriarchy even White supremacy … I’m trying to heal, man.” Lots of luck.
9. Chauncey DeVega
Like Slate’s Jamelle Bouie, Salon writer Chauncey DeVega is a thoughtless racist.
DeVega writes <> that because Trump “does not believe that immigrants and refugees have any rights under American law,” he is carrying out a “campaign of cruelty towards refugees and nonwhite immigrants … [which] is an act of defiance against both long-standing American legal traditions and international law.” Unexamined lies lead to racist claims.
The Trump administration’s efforts to curtail institutional racism against Asians at colleges and universities, according to DeVega is racist <>. “This is part of a broader campaign of white identity politics where the Trump administration is feverishly working to undermine the human rights of nonwhites both in the United States and around the world.” In other words, in DeVega’s sick view, Asians are whites because they are smart.
10. Michael Eric Dyson
Georgetown University bloviator and media celebrity Michael Eric Dyson, is a supporter of Mumia Abu-Jamal, and doesn’t try to hide his visceral contempt for white people. He said after <> George Zimmerman was acquitted in the Feb. 26, 2012, killing of Trayvon Martin that it would be a good thing for more white children to be murdered so Americans could better understand racism.
“So, you know how you felt on 9/11? Yeah, that’s how we feel when it comes to race… Not until, and unless, the number of white kids die that approximate the numbers of black and other kids who die, will America see…”
Last year, Dyson called Obama “one of the greatest presidents that ever lived.” At the same time he described Trump as the end result of white racism.
He continued:
You see when we look at Donald Trump, Donald Trump is the rose. What is the ground,… from which he emerged? Whiteness produced him. A certain sense of selfishness, a certain sense of self-importance, a certain sense of innocence, a certain sense of privilege that he fails to acknowledge. And the best of white culture has to war against the worst of white culture for us to embrace it. Because remember, Frankenstein is the name of the doctor, not the monster…

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