The White Racism Hoax

Racist America Fraud and Reverse Racism.

The White Racism Hoax, slandering Western Civilization in general and America in particular.

Vic Biorseth, OWM; Thursday, August 28, 2014

Over all the generations since 1848, Marxism and Marxist ideologues of various description have glommed onto an ever increasing number of divisive issues that could be turned to the political advantage of Marxism.  The Divide and Conquer Pages, the Death of Morality Pages and the Scientism Pages hit a lot of them, but not all.  Any topic – any topic at all – that may be used to:

  1. Create (that is, propagandize into being) classes of people that otherwise would not exist;
  2. Incite animosity and antagonism between invented classes, if not actual class warfare;
  3. Create (that is, propagandize into being) super-horrific social / economic / environmental / scientific / whatever problems, which are so big, so costly and so complex that only government can solve them;
  4. Grow the government, and migrate political power from the people to the government;
  5. Create (that is, propagandize into being) problems too large for any one government, thereby planting, encouraging, nurturing and feeding the public perception that what is really needed is one big global government,

may be expected to be capitalized upon and “organized” to perfection, ala Saul Alinsky.  One of the earliest ones, and perhaps even the first, was race.

To hear the Marxocrat Party, the Marxocrat SLIMC1 and Marxocrat Academia talk about it, you would think that the writers of the Declaration of Independence and the framers of the American Constitution invented black slavery, and that they went over to Africa, enslaved people, drug them back here and created the black slave market.   A whole lot of younger Americans believe that today, because that, or something like it, is what they were officially taught by their professional educators.

The White Racism Hoax is one such divisive issue of opportunity.  Racism exists, sure enough.  Any white person who ever applied for or obtained employment in any government bureaucracy has experienced it, in heavy doses, up close and personal; particularly in any inner city government bureaucracy.  Not merely racial discrimination, but actual treatment as an inferior being, due to being white.

Anyone of any race may be or become a racist; whites do not own any copyright or hold any exclusive rights to the vice of racism.  The worst racists are made, not born.  They are educated in racism, sometimes from within the family, sometimes in formal education.  American public education today, and American upper academia, are dominated by Marxist ideologues who indoctrinate more than they educate.  And in indoctrinating the White Racism Hoax into their students, they contribute mightily to the advance of anti-white racism, in all students, black and white.

Yes, a white student can be made into an anti-white racist.  More about that later.

Scripture and history show that Judaism and Christianity recognized racism as a vice and opposed it.  While it may be true that no period of history, and no race, was ever completely devoid of racism, all the most horrendous historical examples of racism came from outside of Judeo-Christian morality.  Marxists who came to power over nations – Nazis, Fascists and Communists – all rejected Judeo-Christian religion and the morality that sprang from it.  And they all exhibited the worst examples of racism recorded in history.  Among other vices, and Marxists embraced them all.

The Racist America Fraud may be the most enlightening part of the hoax to study.  Educators, journalists, commentators, entertainers, celebrities, authors, publishers, even historians, would have you believe that America practically invented anti-black racism, and that American whites are the most obviously and clearly racist people on earth.  Everyone else, everywhere else, is, by comparison, a paragon of anti-racist virtue.


It’s all focused on the history of American slavery and the aftermath.  But what is never recognized or noted is the slanting, propagandizing and virtual rewriting of that history by all the Marxist ideologues now in control of the educational dialogue.

Christianity, and before Christianity, Judaism, encountered rather than invented slavery.  Slavery, of the form of Just Servitude, was in existence long before Moses was on the scene.  It was the situation the Church found itself in at the time.  It was something that existed and that had to be dealt with.

In a similar manner, Revolutionary America encountered rather than invented slavery.  Slavery, in the form of Unjust Servitude, was in existence long before Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Adams, etc, were on the scene.  It was something that existed and that had to be dealt with.  It was, by that time, a social institution, initially imposed upon the early colonies from without.

Slavery radically conflicted with the unique American ideal of supremacy of law rather than supremacy of man, and of equality of all men before the supreme law.  Elsewhere herein we have spoken of how a Jeffersonian provision abolishing slavery across the board was very narrowly defeated from the original Declaration of Independence.

We have spoken at length about the history of the abolition movement and the argument over equality of men; here we will only mention that it culminated in the Civil War, emancipation and the end of slavery in America.  The point I want to emphasize here is that no other nation in all of world history ever fought such a horrible, costly, bloody civil war with itself just to free slaves and end slavery.  And yet, we, among nations, are the one nation to be held up among all the others as an example of anti-black racism?

Excuse me?

Look around America.  We have a popularly elected black President.  Look at all the black faces among our most prominent citizens and highly placed leaders.  How many black Presidents have been elected in France?  Germany?  England?  Scandinavia? Italy?  Switzerland?  Anywhere in Europe? How many white Presidents have been elected in African nations?

None?  No kidding.  I though we were the ones who were racist.

Reverse Racism  is supposed to mean black racism expressed against the white race; but that’s a Marxist, or “Marxified” definition.  I prefer the proper English definition, because words have meaning, and meaning should never be controlled by any invasive ideology.  Racism means holding animosity toward and/or superiority over people of a race other than your own.  If that be true (and it is true) then a Reverse Racist is one who holds animosity toward and/or superiority over his own race.

It just doesn’t get any more stupid than this.

The whole of the SLIMC1 , thundering herds of TTRSJTF6 , TTRSPTF5 and even TTRSTF4 , along with most all big-time Celebritwits and their huge adoring retinues of Celebritards, who are white, when they themselves are not suffering from the agonies of White Guilt, look down their snotty noses at the rest of us ordinary whites, whom they just “know” are all anti-black racists.

Since we are not perfect, like them, they need to train us.  See?  After all, they are the super-sophisticated elite, and we are merely the lowly hoi polloi; what the hell do we know about it?

Well, we know that they are racist against their own race …

And they don’t even know that.

Racism still exists, it will always exist, and there’s not much to be done about it, except to recognize it, limit it and keep it from ever gaining political power.  Probably the most numerous real racists in America today are black.  Outside of prison populations, racism is a “fringes of society” problem, but it is regularly propagandized into a huge public myth by the Marxocrat Party and the Marxocrat media for purely political reasons.

“Hate” crime and “discrimination” laws and regulations should be recognized as unconstitutional on their faces.  A crime is already a crime; no crime is ever committed out of love.  Why should we believe one might be committed out of or because of hate, and just how do you prove that?

Preferring the close company of similar people is not racism, but it is discrimination, and it is natural.  There is nothing wrong with it.  Blacks clearly discriminate in their selection of Churches, among other things.  What’s wrong with that?  Americans should be free to discriminate among relationships as much as they discriminate in any other choices they make in life.

Discrimination is not the same as racism.  Elimination of discrimination is not any sign of superior intellect or piety, any more than discrimination is any sign of poor intellect or impiety.  It’s a matter of personal preference and personal choice, rather than dictated preference and dictated choice.

I can get along with anyone, but I will be forced to get along with no one.

The minute Marxist indoctrination succeeded in conflating free discrimination into racism it moved on to propagandize the “evil” of discrimination against the worst moral abominations in existence.

And here we are.

Vic Biorseth, OWM; Thursday, August 28, 2014