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Maxine Waters dropped one big bombshell about impeaching Trump a second time
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Maxine Waters served the ringleader of the original impeachment push.
Even though that ended in humiliating defeat, it does not appear that Waters has given up hope.
And now Maxine Waters dropped one big bombshell about impeaching Trump a second time.
Maxine Waters is still one of President’s Trump most vocal critics.
But even during a time of national emergency, Waters refuses to put partisanship aside and unite for the good of the country.
In an interview on MSNBC, Watters ripped President Trump for confusing the American people on the pandemic response by allegedly spouting off misinformation.
“The president doesn’t look too good. He has confused people. He’s sent the wrong messages. He’s been giving advice he should not have given. Now I think that perhaps they believe that they can wipe away that history. I want to tell you it’s going to remain recorded,” Waters ranted and raved.
Waters also accused President Trump and the GOP of racism by refusing to provide aid to minority owned businesses.
“We’re going to fight for everything. Those Republicans who are getting in line and who are fighting with us understand it’s not just people that they think are undeserving that are getting help, it is all across this country in all of our congressional districts, big and small and middle-sized and all of that,” Water added.
In recent days Democrats and the Fake News Media have stepped up their attacks from merely claiming that President Trump is killing tens of thousands of Americans with his pandemic response to black Americans are suffering a disproportionate share of the deaths.
If President Trump wins re-election, Republicans expect Democrats will push full steam ahead with impeachment to make sure the Trump’s second term never gets off the ground.
And from Waters comments, it is clear Democrats will make the President supposedly killing minority Americans with his pandemic response and then denying them federal relief a centerpiece of this new impeachment hoax.
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