Noam – Tool For The Left

Noam Chomsky – … cloaked in platitudes of intellectual garbage.
He points to this mass campaign that aims to dupe average dummies like you and me into believing the liberal climate agenda is a hoax – like we can’t see the agenda on our own and we can’t see data and information (lucky to make through the main stream media propaganda)…. on our own … and if you were primarily interested in creating a new world, an interest that relies on dividing Nations and diluting cultures the one thing you want to do is create sides to the argument…. Noam Chomsky is in favor of a new world order more than he is not… and its in his best interest to keep us divided. The more people catch on to the climate hoax… the more he will reign down on us with his superior knowledge and ….. and leftist propaganda.
Go fly a kit Noam.
I find the video boring… Noam doesn’t transcend politics – he attempts to define liberal politics as a wolf in sheeps fur.
I find the comment section valuable… spend hours studying all the back and forth arguments, that is where the magic happens.
Here is the link…

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