Climate Ruse

The Hoax of ‘Climate Change’
By Allison Nichols <>
Obama knows. John Kerry knows. And Al Gore, the man who has made an enormous amount of money <> perpetuating the biggest hoax foisted on the human race, knows.  Human-inspired “climate change” is a ruse.   It is all a control-grabbing, land-grabbing, money-grabbing hoax.   For instance, Al Gore, the king of carbon credits, whose home has a giant carbon footprint, and who flies all over the world in private jets, has raked in millions from his green investments and “sustainability research <>.”   This, after preaching (An Inconvenient Truth) that fossil fuel is the culprit in “global warming.”
The real inconvenient truth is that the earth’s climate has been warming, cooling and dramatically changing since the beginning of time.  How many of us know that Chinese sea captains reported melting ice caps as far back as 1434 <>?  Mega earthquakes and tsunamis as well as blizzards, raging fires, crippling droughts, powerful storms, horrific tornadoes and scorching heat waves have been around since antiquity.  “Climate deniers,” as the alarmists so lovingly refer to us, do acknowledge changes in the climate, but most of us do not accept the premise that human activity the cause.
Recently, the hoax has been ramping up.  President Obama, who has been likened to “Spock <>” by his climate change cheerleaders, exhorts that slow “climate change” progress can be blamed on “confused, blind, racists shrouded with hate Americans. <>”  Obama is a far cry from a cool, rational Spock character; his cynical rhetoric continues to divide Americans and cuts off debate.
The latest forecast from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change <> adds fuel to the fire.  Their scare tactic is to tell us that we are “/doomed/.”  The panel decries that carbon emissions must fall 45% by 2030. Their forecast is, of course, more poppycock emanating from liberal progressives throughout the world.   And on top of that, in the Federal Climate Assessment <> report just issued, out has come a dire warning to Americans that climate change will negatively affect Americans physically, socially, and economically. That fact is elementary. Horrible weather does and has had severe ramifications for humans throughout the world since the beginning of time.
“Rising sea levels,” “ocean change,” and “global warming,” (now referred to as “climate change”) have become part of the vernacular despite severely flawed global warming models.  However, local and global foot soldiers of the liberal progressive Socialist agenda that was hatched at the UN Brundtland Commission in 1987 continue to foster this ruse about “sustainable development <>,” its principal buzzword.   And a word to the wise, changing code words faster than the weather does not change facts.
Liberal progressives very effectively created this giant hoax.   The UN and its sycophants realized, brilliantly I might add, that to continue their agenda, they would have to go beyond the Brundtland Report <>, and would then require the targeting of private property with oppressive regulations, had to be established on a local level first, e.g., Agenda 21 <>. Agenda 21 is not just a toothless socialist agenda, but rather, it is a radical extremist environmentalist agenda that poses a threat to our liberties.
Recognizing that local governments (Agenda 21) are agents of change, the UN began redrafting a so-called environmental constitution <>.  This “covenant,” as they call it, gives the UN authority over the entire globe. Unbelievably, it is being enforced despite the fact that the science behind the ruse is seriously flawed.   And, history affords us the inconvenient truth that historical facts put a giant hole in their “human inspired” climate change theory.
Environmentalists have been gobbling up land with regulations based on bad science and greed for years.  Consider the fact that if we get rid of fossil fuels by making them non-competitive, radical environmentalists, with their sketchy green technology, are poised to sashay in to take unprecedented control over private property and pocket billions of more dollars: “climate change” hype is a giant cash cow.
I wonder, do these environmentalists gone crazy, who have outstripped the reasoned environmentalists of the past, truly believe that carbon emissions interfere with the cycles of nature?   It is audacious to think that some of us, including a hefty number of scientists (whose numbers are shrinking) believe that humans, who are tiny in the scheme of things, have a whit to do with climate changes and sea-level rises and falls. The hubris here is mind-boggling.
Even James Lovelock, whose “Gaia Hypothesis <>” is the founding platform for global warming hysteria, and who predicted the death <> of billions of humans because of it, now admits that he was an alarmist <> and is debunking the entire cabal.  Lovelock has stated that the idea that humans are responsible for changes in the climate is not credible.   Lovelock further suggested that the modern green movement has become a religion that uses guilt <> to gain support.
The operative question is, do “We the People” of our great nation really want to be manipulated by the UN and its minions?  Do we care that the UN invasion into our country will ultimately strip away our freedoms?  Do we care that “climate change” hype is a sinister means of enforcing the idea that the collective takes a front seat to individual rights?
To make matters worse, liberal progressive socialists  have very effectively (as they always do…/a la/ Saul Alinsky) demonized and dismissed the canaries in the coal mine as wacky, racist, paranoid, conspiracy theorists.  Not so fast.  The canaries understand that the invasion of the UN agenda, with the help of liberal progressives socialists has ushered in abuses, controls and illegal appropriations that the Constitution of the United States has warned would strip us of our liberty and freedoms.
Enough is enough.  Liberal progressive scientists and politicians, not science, are dictating our carbon regulations.  These modern environmental extremists have shot way past stewardship of the planet.  It is up to reasoned citizens of our great country to have our voices heard.
So what can we do?   The best place to have the voices heard from those of us who understand that private property is the most important guarantee of our freedoms is by taking seats on local boards and commissions.   Also of importance is to determine if your city or town is a member of Agenda 21. If yes, it is up to those who understand the ramifications of that to challenge the membership.
And most importantly, although it’s a monumental task, the youth of our nation who have been indoctrinated since grammar school, must come to understand that much of what they were spoon-fed in school is liberal progressive “save the planet” moral masquerading.   For their own edification, our youngsters might want to hear from the canaries exactly how the hoax will affect their future. Unfortunately, many of the youth in America suffer deep scars from years and years of indoctrination. Inanition, anger, and arrogance, are some of the lingering effects of the sinister propaganda inflicted on our youth by liberal progressive socialists. But we must not give up trying.
/*Allison Nichols has a M.Div. (Master of Divinity) degree. */

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